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Religion. Rant 1 January 10, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Personal, Rants.
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Religion. Its really starting to piss me off.

Now first off, as this is the Internet and there’s always some idiot who insists on making themselves known and complaining, i will just say my quick disclaimer; “I am not racist, i do not discriminate against other because of their religion, colour or creed.” Now then, on with the rant.

First of all Islam and Muslims, every comment made about your religion is not an attack on your holy book or the prophet. People are merely stating an opinion, and as a religion that believes in peace, finding an argument in every comment seems a little hypocritical. Also, when people will refer to Islamic terrorists as ‘fundamentalists’ this makes me feel rather sorry for them. As the term ‘fundamental’ means the basics or the foundations of their belief, and im pretty sure that killing yourself and other innocent people is one of the basics of their religion.

Right, that’s 1 box ticked.

Next, Christianity. Many major governments such as the one in the UK and the American government are heavily christian. Now, once again bear in mind that christianity has the aim of peace. The last time someone came into their country stating or doing what they believed to be true, not a word was spoken of peace to the opposing country and they sent thousands of men into Iraq with a mission of ‘peace’ which as far as i can see, means shooting anyone who dosent do what you like. So that’s what this peace thing is, is it? Also, arguing that they were trying to bring democracy to the country was hardly an assured argument. If someone came into America claiming to try to change their government policies and the way the countries run, i’m pretty sure the Americans wouldn’t be too happy. So what makes America think that shooting people that don’t help them, and making their opinion on how things should be done appear as fact, a sensible way of bringing ‘peace’ to a country? Wel, it must be the chrisitan way.

Now, before i get the angry e-mails flooding in, which they undoubtedly will, i would like to address another issue. What IS racism? Because as far as i can tell, its become very confused. If someone were to say something along the lines of “I’d never become a -insert major religion-“many people would claim they are being racist. In the 70s era of Britain many people were seen as being racist, which they really were. They were looking down and frowning upon other because of their religion. Then by the 90s people started to realise that everyone was entitled to their own opinion no matter how absurd it seemed by others. Now ‘racism’ has reached the other extreme. People are becoming scared of talking about religion as they are so worried about offending anybody. Now, if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yet we are scared of voicing it in case people saw it as being wrong, then people would look down on you. Oh, look, we’re back to square one. It’s a mixed up world isnt it?

So my message to all major religions and governemts around the world; after you’re done with your hipocrasy and general squabbling about whos opinion is fact and whatnot, do you think we could kind of, well, have our planet back?

A bit too deep for you? Well heres a SMILEY FACE!