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Back from Baguette-Land April 26, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Cars, Personal, Travel.
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Well, i actually arrived back a week ago, but had been too busy (couldn’t be bothered) to post about it.

In brief summary;

  • They still insist on having twice as much crust on stupid shaped bread than needed
  • Drive horrible tinny cars
  • Drive Renault twingos
  • Like garlic
  • Talk from a part of their throat that the british just seem not to have
  • Have awkward stumbled French-English dialogues with tourists

But one nice thing which i noticed was that they do not swear and get angry at cyclists, they seem to be alot more adapted to having bikes around. And of course theres the nice weather, or the mixture of it in my case. On the 1st day we had half an inch of snow, and by the last day it was t-shirt and shorts weather, around 20°C

So yeah, it was typical Northern France, and i’m off again in the Summer for 3 weeks.