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Digg FTW! January 5, 2008

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Well yesterday i posted about how i started submitting my posts to digg.com, to see if it would increase my readers or just site hits, i thought i might get an extra 10 or something at most for the first day.

So i turned my computer off last night, just as the people in america turn theirs on, with my blog at 31 Hits. I turn it on this morning, as the americans go to bed, to reveal the new total hit number standing at 429!

So thanks to Digg.com, and a bigger thanks to everyone and anyone who is reading this and any of my other posts! And also, i recieved my first comment on a post yesterday from ‘Chris’ on my review of the BBCi player. So thanks everyone, as its knowing that people are reading this that drives me forward to write more and better.

But i guess thats the internet.


What do you call a man with a spade on his head? January 3, 2008

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Don’t feel you have to laugh at my slightly funny joke. But the point is that i’ve started to use Digg.com to submit my blog posts to. Hopefully it’ll help see an increase in traffic and spread the word of the Blog. If you already have a digg.com user account you can just click “Digg it!” at the top corner of each post. If you don’t have a digg.com account visit their site and sign up, it takes less then about 3 minutes!

Also, I’ve started adding tags to the posts, i’ll have to see how they turn out

Comments on what you think of the Digg service or tagging?

Help out Baldy December 15, 2007

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What am i talking about? Well if you watch the gadget show you will probably know of Jason Bradbury, well for an upcoming show he is discovering how online viral marketing works.

Find out more details at his blog HERE

Even if you’re not in to Channel 5’s Gadget Show, the vids still worth a watch just to see someone doing a caterpillar across the road and pavement 🙂 LINK