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Elaborate H3 Suicide Mk.2 January 4, 2008

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Clicky to watch

Somepeople have some serious time on their hands.

He can has Recon maybe? But theres rumour (as always) that this could be faked.

Edit: Just looked on this guys fileshare and he’s got the video there too. Craaazy stuff, but not fake. He can has some recon plees?


BBCi Player January 2, 2008

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Well i’d seen a few ads on TV about this BBCi Player service on bbc.co.uk. It allows you to watch and download any programme on a BBC channel from the past 7 days. “Making the unmissable, unmissable” Its does just that.

It has a very simple interface (VIEW HERE) which takes a matter of seconds to work out how to use once you have the Download Manager installed. And if you don’t want to download anything then you can just stream the programs in your browser youtube-style.

The only downside is that you cant set up and queue up downloads from Firefox, but to set up a download you will only find youself using InternetExplorer for a matter of seconds. They also mentioned in the FAQs section that they were working on getting it linked with ‘other browsers’. Then you can also minimise the BBCi download manager to the tray and it will download in the background. This sort of thing reminded me alot of Xbox 360 background downloads.

Even my Dad was impressed, we sat down and watched last nights ‘Best of Top Gear’ on my 19″ TFT monitor, and even when full size, the picture quality was surprisingly good.

Overall, I was very impressed at this service and will be using it alot in the future. I thoroughly reccommend it to anyone. 😀

Link to BBCi Player Home

Link to UI screenshot

Help out Baldy December 15, 2007

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What am i talking about? Well if you watch the gadget show you will probably know of Jason Bradbury, well for an upcoming show he is discovering how online viral marketing works.

Find out more details at his blog HERE

Even if you’re not in to Channel 5’s Gadget Show, the vids still worth a watch just to see someone doing a caterpillar across the road and pavement 🙂 LINK

How to Find a problem like the Media November 29, 2007

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Well today on Radio 1 I heard one of those statistics I seem to hear every week now in the news. Some sort of statistic about how x% of the UK cant do this, or are stupid enough to do this. Today’s biased story which they used, as there was nothing else to report apart from a teddy called Mohammed, was about how “2 out of 3 car drivers” don’t know about what their tyre pressure should be.

Seriously,  these statistics are becoming stupider and more pointless every time. If I were to use the corrupt journalistic point of view, I would be willing to go and ask every reporter some GCSE maths question, and I bet more than 2 out of 3 couldn’t do it. Now using my biased Spin-doctor skills i will save up this stat for a day when there is not much going on and headline something like “Reporters; STUPID?”

These kind of statistics are doing nothing except make everyone look at Britain a little more cynically at its population. Also, its not as if they are doing anything about these ‘facts’, after 1 day they are history, nothing else will be said about them. Just my opinion on these sorts of things.