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I become an Xbox Ambassador February 24, 2008

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Well in the week i received an e-mail that confirmed that I had been accepted into the “Xbox Live Ambassador Program” As one of around 50 representatives from the UK, have to help out the new kids on Live, its what some people hate and get frustrated with, but I enjoy greatly and it makes me feel like i’m helping out the community and increasing the amount of enjoyment people get out of live. And after being part of the Xbox franchise from Christmas 2001 when I bought the original Xbox, and part of Live from February ’05, i feel I have plenty of experience to help those out who are new to the service. I’ve also been part of communities like Bungie.net, Podtacular and many others including my own; TeamCrumpet, the community is definately one of my favourite aspects of the Xbox fanspace.

The Xbox ambassador program is entirely voluntary and we get no benefits except a small image under out gamercard on the Xbox.com forums, and of course the nice feeling you get when you help someone out. For more details on how the program works look here.


10,000 Hits :D January 24, 2008

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I looked at the hit counter this morning to discover a rather nice looking number of 10,029. 😀

So after about a month of this blog being set up, the site has recieved just over 10,000 hits.

So i’ll give you a further breakdown of the stats for this month, they are pretty interesting to look at;

Thats right, on the 15th of January I had 1,546 views in one day. Lets have a closer look at that day;

Title Views
BBCi Player 1,320
About 19
Religion. Rant 1 3
What do you call a man with a spade on h 2
So it seems that the vast majority of hits were on my review of the BBCi Player, and most referrals to the site where from searches for anything along the lines of “BBCi Player”
In total, my post on the BBCi Player has had 8,663 hits. wow. Another thing that surprised me about this post is apparently Google likes me better than the BBC. If you go to google and search for “BBCi Player” my blog post turned up above any official BBC links. This has now changed as i think the BBC re-submitted some of their pages. But I am still 3rd in the list. 🙂
I’ve also had a total of 7 comments.
So thanks to sites like Digg.com this blog has been more succesfull, tenfold, than i ever expected it to be. I shall continue writing more and better posts, as its knowing that people read it that keeps me going and motivated.

Digg FTW! January 5, 2008

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Well yesterday i posted about how i started submitting my posts to digg.com, to see if it would increase my readers or just site hits, i thought i might get an extra 10 or something at most for the first day.

So i turned my computer off last night, just as the people in america turn theirs on, with my blog at 31 Hits. I turn it on this morning, as the americans go to bed, to reveal the new total hit number standing at 429!

So thanks to Digg.com, and a bigger thanks to everyone and anyone who is reading this and any of my other posts! And also, i recieved my first comment on a post yesterday from ‘Chris’ on my review of the BBCi player. So thanks everyone, as its knowing that people are reading this that drives me forward to write more and better.

But i guess thats the internet.

Elaborate H3 Suicide Mk.2 January 4, 2008

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Clicky to watch

Somepeople have some serious time on their hands.

He can has Recon maybe? But theres rumour (as always) that this could be faked.

Edit: Just looked on this guys fileshare and he’s got the video there too. Craaazy stuff, but not fake. He can has some recon plees?

What do you call a man with a spade on his head? January 3, 2008

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Don’t feel you have to laugh at my slightly funny joke. But the point is that i’ve started to use Digg.com to submit my blog posts to. Hopefully it’ll help see an increase in traffic and spread the word of the Blog. If you already have a digg.com user account you can just click “Digg it!” at the top corner of each post. If you don’t have a digg.com account visit their site and sign up, it takes less then about 3 minutes!

Also, I’ve started adding tags to the posts, i’ll have to see how they turn out

Comments on what you think of the Digg service or tagging?

BBCi Player January 2, 2008

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Well i’d seen a few ads on TV about this BBCi Player service on bbc.co.uk. It allows you to watch and download any programme on a BBC channel from the past 7 days. “Making the unmissable, unmissable” Its does just that.

It has a very simple interface (VIEW HERE) which takes a matter of seconds to work out how to use once you have the Download Manager installed. And if you don’t want to download anything then you can just stream the programs in your browser youtube-style.

The only downside is that you cant set up and queue up downloads from Firefox, but to set up a download you will only find youself using InternetExplorer for a matter of seconds. They also mentioned in the FAQs section that they were working on getting it linked with ‘other browsers’. Then you can also minimise the BBCi download manager to the tray and it will download in the background. This sort of thing reminded me alot of Xbox 360 background downloads.

Even my Dad was impressed, we sat down and watched last nights ‘Best of Top Gear’ on my 19″ TFT monitor, and even when full size, the picture quality was surprisingly good.

Overall, I was very impressed at this service and will be using it alot in the future. I thoroughly reccommend it to anyone. 😀

Link to BBCi Player Home

Link to UI screenshot