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Chernobyl; what you didn’t know February 11, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in History.

I am writing this after reading an article about Chernobyl, 20 years later in the most recent article of the IET magazine. It opened my eyes as to the damage that the disaster caused and how risky the area still is.

On the 26th of April 1986 the Chernobyl atomic energy plant in Ukraine exploded. Sending huge radiation clouds over eastern Europe and even reaching parts of the UK. One of the first measures was a temporary concrete ‘sarcophagus’ around the reactor, this was only meant as a temporary fix. The structure still stands today, 22 years later. Since1986 donors have spent millions of dollars trying to stabilise the sarcophagu, but no lasting solution has been made.

Today in 2008, the sarcophagus still contains 95% of the radioactive material from reactor 4. 95% . All the damage and long term effects have been caused by that leaked 5%. We cannot possibly imagine what would happen to Europe if there were to be another accident, much of Europe would be full of Caesium 137 for a very long time.

In the IET article, Vitali Vitaliev writes about his experience revisiting Chernobyl and what he saw, he writes; “The workers were getting of the ‘dirty’ zone bus and boarding an uncontaminated bus to take them to the neighbouring town for some rest. They literally fell out of the bus, drunk out of their minds. Many reactor workers started, it seemed, started working in a state of mild inebriation and continued drinking throughout the shift in the mistaken but officially encouraged belief that alchol could fend off radiation.”

Just think about it, 200 tonnes of radioactive fuel under the control of some drunk Ukrainians. Are we still in the same danger as we were 20 years ago, or perhaps more? 90% more?

The long abandoned swimming pool of nearby Pripyat.
P.s. sorry i haven’t posted for a while.