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TeamCrumpet FFA a Success May 20, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Gaming, Team Crumpet.
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Well on Sunday, the Team Crumpet Free-for-all tournament drew to a close. It was of course, like all TC events, aimed at having fun, not winning. But we all enjoy playing “Competitively for fun” if you see what i mean.

The first round was two groups of 5 people, i came second in my group, behind over-the-top-good ‘Slinky Dog’. He’s normally one to take his game seriously, but we’d talked about how we wanted the tournament before, and he played in a relaxed fashion and told me afterwards that he enjoyed the FFA more that way. Mission Accomplished there then. Also in round one, i feel the best matchup of the tournament happened; MCSPARXYDEE and grandmastertyke, only a single point put tyke down into the playoffs. I feel he deserved the Finals alot more than Sparx did, especially with tyke’s two triples.

In round 2, there were also two groups; a winners bracket, and the 7th to 10th place playoffs. In the playoffs there were meant to be four players, three turned up, so a 3-man-FFA was played, until near the end, where the current winner; cheesepimm lagged out. Leaving a 1v1 between tyke and Gilpin. All Gilpin needed to do was get another 4 kills that game to beat cheesepimm. So he did. And so did tyke.

In the winners bracket, there were meant to be 6 players, 5 turned up. We of course played anyway, but I was having a very under-average day for Halo, and played very poorly. Also so did Miqual, but fortunately around 5 mins from the end I sorted out my mental game and managed to pick myself up and burst from joint 5th to 3rd. At the end of the game however, I discovered why i had so few kills compared to normal anyway; 30 assists. Sparxy however had only 10. He was incredibly lucky to even get to the finals, let alone 4th place. But at least the stats show it. If i had even 5 to 10 less assists I could have made an easy second. The person I feel most sorry for though is Miqual, he was propa robbed maet!

You can view the final standings of the tournament here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/Team_Crumpet_Forums/index.php?showtopic=127

These surprising results bring me onto an important point, in a competition such as MLG, you only get one chance to prove yourself, piling the pressure very high. Whereas in TC, we are of course a social clan, and the tournament was just a bit of fun. This is the magic of a recreational clan, at the moment no one minds that they were unlucky or got lucky or whatever, because we play with eachother daily and know eachothers TRUE skill level.

Thanks for entering everyone who did, and I hope to see you in future tournaments and around the community. We also have a CoD4 doubles tournament currently being organised, you can sign up for that here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/Team_Crumpet_Forums/index.php?showtopic=125


I become an Xbox Ambassador February 24, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Gaming, Internet, Personal.
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Well in the week i received an e-mail that confirmed that I had been accepted into the “Xbox Live Ambassador Program” As one of around 50 representatives from the UK, have to help out the new kids on Live, its what some people hate and get frustrated with, but I enjoy greatly and it makes me feel like i’m helping out the community and increasing the amount of enjoyment people get out of live. And after being part of the Xbox franchise from Christmas 2001 when I bought the original Xbox, and part of Live from February ’05, i feel I have plenty of experience to help those out who are new to the service. I’ve also been part of communities like Bungie.net, Podtacular and many others including my own; TeamCrumpet, the community is definately one of my favourite aspects of the Xbox fanspace.

The Xbox ambassador program is entirely voluntary and we get no benefits except a small image under out gamercard on the Xbox.com forums, and of course the nice feeling you get when you help someone out. For more details on how the program works look here.

I can has car plees? January 20, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Cars, Gaming, Technology.

This is Suzuki’s new Xbox 360 Concept car, totally inspired by the xbox 360, and most likely a large cheque from MS.

Looking at the images it has 2 360s, 2 projectors, 2 LCD screens. Oh, and it’s a car!

God knows the price on this thing, but I doubt it will ever be sold 😦

More images here

Elaborate H3 Suicide Mk.2 January 4, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Gaming, Internet, Media.
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Clicky to watch

Somepeople have some serious time on their hands.

He can has Recon maybe? But theres rumour (as always) that this could be faked.

Edit: Just looked on this guys fileshare and he’s got the video there too. Craaazy stuff, but not fake. He can has some recon plees?