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So who, what, where am I? Well, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Name: Jamie Wood. My official christian name is James, but since i was born i have always been called Jamie.

Age: 15. Born on the 3rd of March.

Location: South-West England. Yes, England is in the UK for all you Americans reading this.


Gaming; Ill probably be posting a fair bit on gaming, if you are also interested you may wish to visit the TeamCrumpet community and Blog.

Technology; I’ll probably post a fair bit on this too, the field of tech expands so quickly that the only way you can keep up with it is through the internet anyway.

Reviews; In the near future i’ll try and start getting some reviews up. Whether they be about games, gadgets, CDs or even the good old medium of the book.

Life in General; In this catergory i’ll be posting my rants and general opinions on topical issues. I’ll try not to get too deep though, keep it entertaining!

Technical stuff about the site:

Seem familliar? Thats because it is obviosly using wordpress.com

But how I choose to put posts up may be through Windows Live Writer. I use this App as it enables me to post to multiple blogs at once through one application. Useful stuff eh? Get it HERE

Useful contact Links:

E-mail & Live Messenger: ilikevavavoom@hotmail.com

Xbox Live: jammy12



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