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I become an Xbox Ambassador February 24, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Gaming, Internet, Personal.

Well in the week i received an e-mail that confirmed that I had been accepted into the “Xbox Live Ambassador Program” As one of around 50 representatives from the UK, have to help out the new kids on Live, its what some people hate and get frustrated with, but I enjoy greatly and it makes me feel like i’m helping out the community and increasing the amount of enjoyment people get out of live. And after being part of the Xbox franchise from Christmas 2001 when I bought the original Xbox, and part of Live from February ’05, i feel I have plenty of experience to help those out who are new to the service. I’ve also been part of communities like Bungie.net, Podtacular and many others including my own; TeamCrumpet, the community is definately one of my favourite aspects of the Xbox fanspace.

The Xbox ambassador program is entirely voluntary and we get no benefits except a small image under out gamercard on the Xbox.com forums, and of course the nice feeling you get when you help someone out. For more details on how the program works look here.



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