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10,000 Hits :D January 24, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Internet, Personal, Stats.

I looked at the hit counter this morning to discover a rather nice looking number of 10,029. 😀

So after about a month of this blog being set up, the site has recieved just over 10,000 hits.

So i’ll give you a further breakdown of the stats for this month, they are pretty interesting to look at;

Thats right, on the 15th of January I had 1,546 views in one day. Lets have a closer look at that day;

Title Views
BBCi Player 1,320
About 19
Religion. Rant 1 3
What do you call a man with a spade on h 2
So it seems that the vast majority of hits were on my review of the BBCi Player, and most referrals to the site where from searches for anything along the lines of “BBCi Player”
In total, my post on the BBCi Player has had 8,663 hits. wow. Another thing that surprised me about this post is apparently Google likes me better than the BBC. If you go to google and search for “BBCi Player” my blog post turned up above any official BBC links. This has now changed as i think the BBC re-submitted some of their pages. But I am still 3rd in the list. 🙂
I’ve also had a total of 7 comments.
So thanks to sites like Digg.com this blog has been more succesfull, tenfold, than i ever expected it to be. I shall continue writing more and better posts, as its knowing that people read it that keeps me going and motivated.


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