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BBCi Player January 2, 2008

Posted by jammy12 in Internet, Media, Reviews, Technology.

Well i’d seen a few ads on TV about this BBCi Player service on bbc.co.uk. It allows you to watch and download any programme on a BBC channel from the past 7 days. “Making the unmissable, unmissable” Its does just that.

It has a very simple interface (VIEW HERE) which takes a matter of seconds to work out how to use once you have the Download Manager installed. And if you don’t want to download anything then you can just stream the programs in your browser youtube-style.

The only downside is that you cant set up and queue up downloads from Firefox, but to set up a download you will only find youself using InternetExplorer for a matter of seconds. They also mentioned in the FAQs section that they were working on getting it linked with ‘other browsers’. Then you can also minimise the BBCi download manager to the tray and it will download in the background. This sort of thing reminded me alot of Xbox 360 background downloads.

Even my Dad was impressed, we sat down and watched last nights ‘Best of Top Gear’ on my 19″ TFT monitor, and even when full size, the picture quality was surprisingly good.

Overall, I was very impressed at this service and will be using it alot in the future. I thoroughly reccommend it to anyone. 😀

Link to BBCi Player Home

Link to UI screenshot



1. Chris - January 4, 2008

Sweeet. I’ve been meaning to check out but I keep forgetting =[

2. Saz - January 20, 2008

I’ve managed to catch an amazing amount of television on this new player that I would of normally missed. I love it! While I think they could up the quality a bit, (perhaps take a lesson from Stage6.com rather than YouTube) I find it on the whole very watchable and something I feel I couldn’t do without now! I am terrible for remembering to switch over to favourite tv shows and often miss things I would otherwise love to watch. The perfect service for me, I’ve recommended it to all my friends already!

3. mr seamus christopher walsh - January 20, 2008

new comer

4. Amy Foulger, 9 - January 21, 2008

i think that bbc i player is a great idea i use it all the time because i miss all the programs on tv and i think that whoever thought of it i’de give a big pat on the back because they’ve just made a very popular and successful site.

5. 10,000 Hits :D « The Small Bigger Picture - January 24, 2008

[…] BBCi Player […]

6. Slinky Do-Wait... Sounds too obvious... Slinkizzle Dizzle. - January 29, 2008

HA! I just searched google and found YOU Jamie! <3<3<3

7. moi - February 1, 2008

yup it’s very good and compatible with Macs unlike the abysmal C4.

8. Mrs Rebecca Groves - February 8, 2008

I love this bbci player found only a couple of weeks ago especially with having smaller children who dominate the tv I can at last watch what I want to watch and if I miss a programme can watch later at night when hubby watches his progs, Having a problen this evening though I am trying to watch the soap doctors and the programme keeps stopping every few minutes for about 8 secs – does anyone know why? Id appreciate any answers as otherwise Im gonna be here for ages!!!

9. marsha howie - February 15, 2008

this bbci player is great! my young daughter thinks so 2, she loves being able 2 watch all her fave shows and cartoons on this which means she doesnt miss them when were out like she used 2 plus it keeps her quiet and amused long enough for me 2 have a coffee in peace!!! good stuff. Rebecca try going back and clicking on a different box as ul find a few wiyh the same programme on, sometimes that sorts out the stopping n starting either that if u have it on full screen try puttig it on normal size. hope this helps. mazda069.

10. gazza - February 15, 2008

hello there, im new to bbci player are any of the programms subtitled, if so how can i access them. thanks

11. piff - March 1, 2008

how can i get the picture of the bbci player when using my tv as a monitor. i do get pictures when steaming other networks and when using my laptops .any ideas

12. chen - March 14, 2008

willy jilly milly tilly gilly hilly nilly rilly villy cilly zilly xilly ailly dilly filly

13. santa - March 20, 2008

i love eastenders – – – – – from father christmas

14. aldrin - March 30, 2008

please it would be great to include match of the day

15. micklloyd - April 1, 2008

hey i just lit a fart and melted my boxershorts!….bbci player rocks!

16. tony - April 6, 2008

So just returned from the pub to try out this service and watch MOD2. No listing……

17. Transatlantica - April 14, 2008

fyi – great post…AND it shows up on top of the google search for the BBCi Player. also fyi – great player, the BBCi player has changed the way I interact with British tv. Thank goodness!

18. Raymond Mora - April 24, 2008

It’s just another excuse for me not to get off my arse all day! Thanks BBC!

19. Jugalug - May 11, 2008

I’m watching a lot more Beeb stuff since it’s launched. It’s very, very good, and I’m finding a lot more time to watch stuff now that I don’t have to be in my lounge.

20. Jugalug - June 11, 2008

Oh – and it’s BBC iPlayer, not BBCi Player.

21. Ian Groves - August 1, 2008

Do any other Mac users have this problem? Since listen again programmes on radio have gone to BBCi, i can connect to a radio repeat but then Safari crashes. Get ‘buffering’ message, but then told I am not connected to internet and have to go through diagnostics to re connect.

I can still listen to R7 listen again as this is via Real Player. I used to be able to get R4 via real player but not any more. iplayer is causing connection to be lost.

22. richard - September 13, 2008

hi im happy happy happy its a good thing this iplayer thanks very much bbc love you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

23. cass - April 25, 2009

can i download programmes from bbciplayer if i live in cyprus

24. stella hughes - July 3, 2009

After a successful start two/three months ago I am now asked to enable java script why? I follow the prompts to do so – nothing!

25. anitha1234 - October 23, 2010

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