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How to Find a problem like the Media November 29, 2007

Posted by jammy12 in Media, Rants.

Well today on Radio 1 I heard one of those statistics I seem to hear every week now in the news. Some sort of statistic about how x% of the UK cant do this, or are stupid enough to do this. Today’s biased story which they used, as there was nothing else to report apart from a teddy called Mohammed, was about how “2 out of 3 car drivers” don’t know about what their tyre pressure should be.

Seriously,  these statistics are becoming stupider and more pointless every time. If I were to use the corrupt journalistic point of view, I would be willing to go and ask every reporter some GCSE maths question, and I bet more than 2 out of 3 couldn’t do it. Now using my biased Spin-doctor skills i will save up this stat for a day when there is not much going on and headline something like “Reporters; STUPID?”

These kind of statistics are doing nothing except make everyone look at Britain a little more cynically at its population. Also, its not as if they are doing anything about these ‘facts’, after 1 day they are history, nothing else will be said about them. Just my opinion on these sorts of things.



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